Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cesar Millan's Mastering Leadership Series Volume #5: Common Canine Misbehaviors: a Review

I just finished watching this great DVD highlighting five common canine misbehaviors: aggression toward other dogs -- both dominance and fear based aggression; barking at a specific stimulus, such as someone approaching the door; barking when left alone -- separation anxiety; overexcited or hyperactive behavior; and problems on the walk. Each topic receives a thorough treatment, breaking down the behaviors and solutions into easily remembered steps.
The examples are good ones -- often amusing, always helpful and to the point. In most cases, Cesar discusses alternate methods and emphasizes using ways that feel comfortable to the owner and to the dog. Over and over again, he points out the places where professional consultations are highly desirable -- such as in aggressive behaviors.
Special features include brief discussions on dogs with fear of loud noises (thunder, fireworks, etc.), finding the right canine professional for you and your dog and tips from veterinarian Dr. Rick Garcia about how to establish and maintain an appropriate exercise routine.
This is a very helpful DVD and has inspired me to try to do a better job with my dog Eve in the upcoming year. Cesar is a great "explainer" and an inspiring teacher. The dogs used in the examples come from a variety of breeds and mixes. Finding something useful in this DVD is not hard at all, and it is a learning experience you may want to share with your dog-owning friends.
I give it four out of four paws! :) (and a tail wag)